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We offer the best Quantitative methods for management assignment help.

Quantitative methods of management give students sleepless nights. That is why we decided to start offering quantitative methods for management assignment help to all students. We have a team of experts who work day and night to ensure that all assignments are completed on time. By hiring an expert from us, you are guaranteed high-quality solutions at an affordable price. You also get to enjoy original content, and therefore you will never have to worry about plagiarism issues. Therefore, hire us today and enjoy the best solutions at an affordable price.

The exhaustive list of topics in Quantitative Methods For Management in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

An analytical  scientific approach to Problem solving, An analytical scientific approach to Problem solving modeling process for Managerial Decision Making

Statistics for Management: Measures of Cente:ral Tendency & Dispersion

Probability, Bayes Theorem & Applications

Probability Distributions: Binomial, Poisson, Normal & Exponential

  • Collection and analysis of data:
    • Sampling & Sampling Distributions
    • Testing of Hypothesis ( z-,t-,Chi square, f- test)
    • Correlation, Regression & Multivariate Analysis
  • Decision making and quantitative techniques:
    • Forecasting methods & Time Series Analysis
    • Stochastic process
    • Decision Analysis: Decision Trees& Utility Theory
    • Decision Making under uncertainty
    • Decision Making under risk
    • Decision Making under certainty
    • Decision Making under conflict ( Game Theory)
  • Linear programming formulation and solution:
    • Linear Programming
    • Graphical & Simplex method
    • Dual simplex, Sensitivity Analysis & Duality
    • Integer Linear Programming
    • Transportation, Transshipment & Assignment Models
  • Multi-criteria Decision making tools:
    • Multi-criteria Decision making
    • Linear Goal Programming
    • Scoring Models, Fuzzy outranking
    • AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) concepts & applications
    • ANP ( Analytic Network Process)
  • Inventory and queuing management:
    • Inventory models ( static, dynamic, probabilistic & stochastic)
    • Waiting Line / Queuing models  steady state operation( M/M/1)
    • Simulation concepts & applications for inventory & Queuing situations
    • Network models; shortest route, maximal flow problem
  • Advance quantitative methods:
    • PERT& CPM Techniques & Applications
    • Glimpses of Meta-heuristics
    • Tabu, Simulated Annealing & Genetic algorithm
    • Markov chains & Decision Processes
    • Sequencing, Dynamic Programming
    • Nonlinear Programming ( Quadratic & Geometric Programming)