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The exhaustive list of topics in Quantum Optics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Quantized states of radiation: Quantization of the radiation field, quantum harmonic oscillator, the zero-point energy. the connection between the positive and negative frequency parts of the electric field operator; states of the quantized radiation field - single mode number states, thermal states, phase states, the minimal uncertainty states; the coherent and squeezed coherent states.
  • Semi-classical and quantum descriptions of a radiation field: Various definitions of a coherent state: the minimal uncertainty states, the states with classical motion, the displacement operator eigenstates etc; the Glauber-Sudarshan P-function, the Q-function and other quasi-probability distribution functions and their use in the semi-classical description of a radiation field; Nonclassical aspects like squeeezing and antibunching and examples of nonclassical states and experimental status. Important experiments in Quantum Optics: Photon counting experiments, Intentsity-intensity correlation - Hanbury-Brown and Twiss experiment.
  • Classical and quantum theories of optical coherence: The concept of an analytic signal, elementary description of stochastic processes, correlation functions and coherence functions; Stationary and ergodic processes, Wiener-Khinchin relations etc. Young's double slit experiment to discuss the conditions on the classical coherence functions and quantum coherence functions for various orders of coherence; higher-order correlations functions etc.
  • Interaction between light and a two-level atom: The Jaynes-Cummings model interaction and the corresponding Hamiltonian - its solution and the expression for the population inversion; the experimental developments; the classical and quantum signatures -collapses and revivals.
  • Quantum theory of laser: Photon rate equations, threshold conditions, laser photon distribution, fluctuations in laser light and laser phase diffusion.
  • Special topics: Spontaneous emission, laser cooling, collective and cooperative effects in the light-atom(s) interaction, quantum beats, the role of quantum optics in the problem of quantum entanglement and quantum information.