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The exhaustive list of topics in Reagents and Organic Reactions in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Oxidation Reactions Lectures
  1. Osmium Oxidants
  2. Manganese Oxidants
  3. Chromium Oxidants
  4. Selenium and Aluminum Oxidants
  5. Peracids and Peroxides
  6. Ozone, Lead Tetraacetate and Sodium Periodate
  7. Molecular Oxygen
  8. Other Metal Oxidants (Ag, Ru, Pd, etc.)
  9. Other Nonmetal Oxidants (Dess-Martin, TEMPO, IBX, DDQ etc.)
  10. Bio-oxidations 
  • Reduction Reactions
  1. Lithium Aluminum Hydride, Sodium Borohydride and Their Derivatives
  2. Dissolving Metal Reductions (Na-Liq. NH3, Li-Liq. NH3, etc.)
  3. Molecular Hydrogen
  4. Miscellaneous Reducing Agents (Al-Alkoxides, Me3SiH, etc.)
  5. Photoreductions and Bio-reductions
  • Reactions with Organometallic Compounds
  1. Organomagnesium and -Lithium Reagents
  2. Organozinc Compounds
  3. Organocopper Compounds
  4. Organoboranes
  5. Organosilicon Compounds
  6. Organotin Compounds
  7. Organopalladium Compounds
  8. Organonickel Compounds
  9. Other Organometallic Compounds (Ti, Zr, Cr, Rh, Ru, Fe, etc.)
  • Reactions with Lanthanides
  1. Cerium Compounds
  2. Samarium and Ytterbium Compounds
  • Reactions with Miscellaneous Reagents
  1. N-Bromosuccinimide (NBS)
  2. N,N-Dicylohexylcarbodiimide (DCC)
  3. Diazomethane
  4. Phosphorus Reagents
  5. Sulfur, -Selenium and -Tellurium Compounds