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SimElectronics in MATALB

The exhaustive list of topics in SimElectronics in MATALB Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Parameterizing Blocks from
    • Parameterizing a Piecewise Linear Diode Model
    • Parameterizing an Exponential Diode from aDatasheet
    • Parameterizing an Exponential Diode from SPICE
    • Netlist
    • Parameterizing an Op-Amp from a Datasheet
      • Equivalent Model of a SPICE Netlist
      • Parameter Tuning Against External Data
      • Validation Using Data from SPICE Tool
  • Output Model for Logic Blocks
    • Available Output Models
    • Quadratic Model Output and Parameters
  • Thermal Effects in Semiconductors
    • Electrical Behavior Depending on Temperature                                               
    • Numerical Performance                                        
    • Thermal Mass Parameterization                                      
    • Thermal Model for Semiconductor Blocks                                             
    • Thermal Effects in Rotational and Translational Actuators
      • Thermal Model for Actuator Blocks