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The exhaustive list of topics in SimRF in MATLAB Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Frequency Conversion
  • RF Mixer
    • RF System                                             
    • Model Variables                                                
    • Downconverted Envelope Signal at Output Port                                        
    • Probe Circuit Envelopes Waveforms                                                
    • Block Parameters for RF Simulation                                     
  • Filter Mixing Products
    • Frequencies                                          
    • Reducing Total Simulation                                         
    • Model an RF Filter                                            
    • Probe Multiple RF Carriers                                         
    • Filtering of RF Signals                                     
  • Image Rejection Ratio in Receivers
  • Equivalent Baseband
  • SimRF Equivalent Baseband Libraries
    • Mathematical Library                                        
    • SimRF Equivalent Baseband Libraries                                                        
  • Equivalent Baseband Workflow
  • Simulation of an LC Bandpass Filter