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SolidWorks Simulation & SolidWorks Simulation Professional

The exhaustive list of topics in SolidWorks Simulation & SolidWorks Simulation Professional in which we provide Help withHomework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

Topics Covered:

  •     FEA
  •     Key concepts and principles
  •     Loads
  •     Boundary Conditions
  •     Elements
  •     Linear vs non-linear analysis
  •     FEA and CAD modeling approaches

FEA using SolidWorks Simulation

  •     Preprocessing
  •     Mixed Meshing options
  •     Fatigue analysis (S-N curves, single/multiple invent formulations)
  •     Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection and Radiation
  •     Loads and Restraints
  •     Thermal Stress Analysis with contacts
  •     Drop Test
  •     Analysis set up, Results visualization and post-processing
  •     Pressure vessel modulus
  •     Optimization
  •     2D Simulations (plane stress, plane strain and axisymmetry)
  •     Linear Buckling Analysis
  •     Adaptive Meshing
  •     Meshing options
  •     Effect of In-plane loading on thin-walled structures
  •     Small vs. Large displacement
  •     Gaps/Contact and Advanced Assembly Analysis
  •     Linear static analysis of parts
  •     Assemblies with special connectors and bolts
  •     Frequency Analysis