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The exhaustive list of topics in Spintronics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Spin-orbit interaction, exchange interaction
  • Spin relaxation mechanisms,
  • Spin relaxation in a quantum dots,
  • The spin Galvanic effect.
  • Spin-dependent transport
  • Spin dependent tunneling
  • Point-Contact Andreev Reflection,
  • Ferromagnet/Superconductors/Ferromagnet double junctions, crossed Andreev reflections.
  • Intuitive picture of spin-transfer torques, spin-transfer drive magnetic dynamics,
  • Current-driven switching of magnetization and domain wall motion,
  • Domain wall scattering and Current-Induced switching in ferromagnetic wires.
  • Spin injection, spin accumulation, and spin current.
  • Spin hall effect, Silicon based spin electronic devices: Toward a spin transistor,
  • Spin LEDs: Fundamental and applications,
  • Spin photoelectronic devices based on Heusler alloy,
  • Electron spin filtering, Monolithic and Hybrid Spintronics,
  • Materials for spin electronics, Nanostructures for spin electronics
  • Deposition techniques, micro and nanofabrication techniques.
  • Spin-Valve and spin-tunneling devices:
  • Read Heads, MRAMS, Field Sensors, Spintronic Biosensors,
  • Quantum Computing with spins.