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The exhaustive list of topics in Statistical in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Statistical Methods: Different types of statistical problems and related data analysis (emphasis should be on concrete examples and real scientific investigations where statistics is relevant).
  • Collection and summarization of univariate and bivariate data. Descriptive statistics: mea-sures of location, spread, skewness, kurtosis; measures of association; various properties of these measures and their utility.
  • Analysis of di_erent types of multivariate data. Regression. Partial and multiple correlation.
  • Fitting probability distributions and stochastic models to observed data. Goodness of fit.
  • Simulation of probability distributions and stochastic models. Applications of simulation techniques.
  • Formulation of inference problems with concrete illustrations.
  • Point estimation: Different methods and criteria for good estimates.
  • Tests of hypotheses: Different types of statistical hypotheses. Error probabilities (level of significance, power). Tests for parameters when sampling from one and two normal distributions. Tests for parameters in binomial and Poisson distributions. Conditional tests.
  • Elements of Time Series analysis: Trend/secular, seasonal/cyclic and random components of a time series, moving averages, autocorrelation function, correlogram and periodogram.
  • Sampling distributions of sample proportion, sample mean and sample variance. Central and non-central. t and F distributions.
  • Statistical inference for parameters in bivariate and multivariate normal distributions. In-ference problems in simple and multiple linear regression. Inference on partial and multiple correlation coe_cients. Logistic and probit analysis.
  • Distribution theory for linear and quadratic forms.
  • Large-sample tests and con_dence intervals. Variance stabilizing transformations. _2-tests for independence and homogeneity.
  • Order statistics: their distributions and applications.