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The exhaustive list of topics in Statistical Mechanics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Critical Phenomena: Phase transitions in different systems, Origin of phase transitions, First and second order transitions, phenomenological description of liquid-gas and paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition.
  • Statistical mechanics of phase transition: Basic concepts, ensembles, partition function, statistical thermodynamics, stability, response functions, convexity of free energy, fluctuation and correlation, statistical thermodynamic description of phase transition, Critical point exponents, exponent inequalities etc.
  • Lattice Models: Lattice models to describe phase transitions such as Ising Models, Pott's model, X-Y and Heisenberg models, their ground states, etc.
  • Renormalization Group: Scale invariance and scaling hypothesis. Definition of renormalization group transformation, parameter space, universality, scaling and critical exponents. Application in one-dimensional Ising model. Monte Carlo renormalization group.