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The exhaustive list of topics in Strategic Sourcing in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Evolution of Sourcing:
    Purchasing a dynamic profession - Origins of Purchasing and transition to supply management – value adding benefits and strategic focus. Five Major Developments – cross functional teams, supply chain and supply networks, supply alliances, strategic sourcing, e-procurement, Global Sourcing

  • Supply Management – An organization spanning activity:
    Supply Management’s role in business, Supply Management’s relation with other departments, Supply Management in non-manufacturing organizations, Supply Management and the external environment.

  • Purchase Management:
    Purchasing activity, determining purchasing quantities, methods of buying, Just in Time Purchasing.

  • Stores Management:
    Functions and Importance of Stores Management, Organization of stores, Stores Procedure, Replenishment system.

  •  Buyer-Supplier Relationships:
    Transformation of buyer-supplier relationships, Three types of buyer supplier relationships, Supplier’s perspective, Developing and managing collaborative and alliance relationships – joint problem solving, quality at the source, information sharing. Supplier selection, certification, evaluation. Relationships of the future – JIT in the supply management

  • Cross-Functional Teams:
    Cross-functional teams and supply management activities, benefits of cross-functional teams, challenges of cross-functional teams, prerequisites to success of cross-functional teams.

  • Supply Management and Social Responsibilities:
    Diversity suppliers, Protecting our Physical environment, values in the workplace.