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Thermodynamics polymeric systems homework help

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The exhaustive list of topics in Thermodynamics of Polymeric Systems Problems in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Constitution and Architecture of Polymers
    • Chemical Structure of Polymers.(Polymer Nomenclature).
    • Mol Wt. Distbn. (MWD).
    • Chain Architecture. (Linear/Branched, Tacticity, Isomerism).
    • SemiCryst. Morphology.
  • Polymer Chain Conformations and Size
    • Random Flight Model for Polymers; Gaussian Chain; Finite Chain.
    • Statistical Mechanics Basics.
    • Chain Conformation under External Field.
    • Excluded Volume Effect and Theta Condition.
    • Rotational Isomeric States.
    • Viscosity of Dilute Solutions - MW Measurement.
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Polymers
  • Rubber Elasticity / Network Model.
  • Glassy, Crystalline and Molten States of Polymers
    • Thermodynamics of Melting of Polymers.
    • Crystallisation Kinetics: Avrami Equation.
    • Thermodynamics of Glass Transition. Free Volume Theory.
  • Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions
    • Dilute, Semidilute and Concentrated Solutions.
    • Flory-Huggins Theory.
    • Phase Equilibria in Polymer Solutions.
    • Osmotic Pressure - MW Measurement.
    • Viscosity of Dilute Solutions - Revisited.
    • Light Scattering, Zimm Diagram - MW Measurement.