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The exhaustive list of topics in Thermodynamics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Systems, surroundings, processes, properties (extensive/intensive), components (single/multi), phases (G/L/S), ideality, zeroth, first, second laws and their consequences (T, U, S). 
  • Thermodynamic functions:
    • The thermodynamic functions H, A and G
    • Concept of chemical potential
    • Equations for a closed system
    • Maxwell’s relations
    • Thermodynamic analysis of processes – lost work, irreversibility
    • Thoughts on Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics in the context of Biological Processes and Systems
  • Thermodynamic properties of pure fluids:
    • Ideal gas
    • Non-ideal gas
    • PVT behaviour
    • Virial and cubic equations of state
    • Generalized correlations
    • Residual properties
    • Estimation of thermodynamic properties using equations of state
  • Thermodynamics of solutions:
    • Partial molar properties
    • Fugacity
    • Ideal and non-ideal solutions
    • Excess properties of mixtures
    • Activity coefficient
    • Gibbs-Duhem equation
  • Phase Equilibria:
    • Phase rule
    • Criteria for phase equilibria
    • VLE for pure component
    • VLE for multi-component system
  • Reaction Equilibria:
    • Equilibrium criteria for homogenous reactions
    • Evaluation of equilibrium constant
    • Effect of temperature and pressure on equilibrium constant

Calculation of equilibrium conversion and yields for single and multiple