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UML component diagram and deployment diagram assignment help

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Deployment diagram represents the deployment view of a system. Deployment diagram is related to the component diagram. The components are deployed using the deployment diagrams. Deployment diagram consists of nodes. The Nodes are nothing but physical hardwares used to deploy the application.

Deployment diagrams are useful for system engineers. Efficient deployment diagram is very important because it controls the following parameters

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Portability

The following artifacts should be identified before drawing a deployment diagram:

  • Nodes
  • Relationships among nodes

The following deployment diagram is a sample to give an idea of the deployment view of order management system. We have shown nodes as:

  • Monitor
  • Modem
  • Caching server
  • Server

The application is assumed to be a web based application which is deployed in a clustered environment using server 1, server 2 and server 3. User is connecting to the application using internet. Control is flowing from the caching server to the clustered environment.

Following deployment diagram has been drawn considering all the points mentioned above:

UML Component Diagram And Deployment Diagram

Where to use Deployment Diagrams?

Deployment diagrams are mainly used by system engineers. Such diagrams are used to describe the physical components (hardwares), their distribution and association.

Clarify it in details we can visualize the deployment diagrams as hardware components/nodes on which software components reside.

Software applications are developed to model complex business processes. The only efficient software applications are not sufficient to meet business requirements. The business requirements can be described as to support increasing number of users, the quick response time etc.

To meet such types of requirements the hardware components should be designed efficiently and in a cost effective way.

Now a day's software applications are very complex in nature. The software applications can be stand alone, the web based, the distributed, the mainframe based much more. It is very important to design the hardware components efficiently.

Usage of deployment diagrams can described as:

  • To model hardware topology of system.
  • To model embedded system.
  • To model the hardware details for client/server system.
  • To model the hardware details of distributed application.
  • Forward and reverse engineering.

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