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The exhaustive list of topics in Vacuum Science & Cryogenics in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Behavior of Gases: Kinetic theory of gases, mean free path, particle flux, monolayer formation, Gas’s law; Elementary Gas Transport Phenomenon: Viscosity, diffusion, and thermal transpiration.
  • Gas Flow: Viscous, molecular and Transition flow regimes, gas throughput, conductance, mass flow, pumping speed; Gas release from Solids: Vaporization, thermal desorption, virtual leaks, permeation, vacuum baking
  • Measurement of Pressure: McLeod gauge, thermal conductivity gauges, spin rotor gauge, diaphragm/capacitance gauges manometer, Ionization gauges, hot cathode, cold cathode gauges; Flow Meters and Residual Gas Analyzer, Leak Detection.
  • Production of Vacuum: Mechanical pumps (Rotary, Lobe and Turbomolecular pumps), Diffusion pump, Getter and Ion pumps, Cryopumps, Pump Fluids; Materials in Vacuum: Vaporization, out-gassing, glasses and Ceramics. Joints, Seals and Components, Gaskets and Motion feed through.
  • Significance of Low Temperature: Properties of engineering materials at low temperatures; Cryogenic Fluids: Hydrogen, Helium 3, Helium 4, Superfluidity; Liquifaction of Gases; Helium Liquifaction system.
  • Cryostat Design: Heat leak considerations, Cryogenic insulation, Cryogenics Vessels, Cryogenic level sensors.
  • Cryogenic thermometry, PID Control, Applications.