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The exhaustive list of topics in World Class Manufacturing in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

  • Benchmark, Bottlenecks and Best Practices: Benchmarking, bottleneck and best practices, Best performers – Gaining competitive edge through world class manufacturing – Value added manufacturing – eliminating waste –Toyota Production System – example.
  •  System & tools for world class manufacturing: Improving Product & Process Design – Lean Production – SQC , FMS, Rapid Prototyping , Poka Yoke , 5-S ,3 M, use of IT ,JIT, Product Mix , Optimizing , Procurement & stores practices , Total Productive maintenance , Visual Control.

  • Human Resource Management in WCM: Adding value to the organization Organizational learning – techniques of removing Root cause of problems – People as problem solvers – New organizational structures . Associates – Facilitators Teamsmanship – Motivation and reward in the age of continuous improvement.

  • Typical characteristics of WCM companies: Performance indicators – what is world class Performance – Six Sigma philosophy.

  • World Scenario: Leading MNCs towards world class manufacturing.